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baby book gift baskets

Baby Book Gift Basket and Other Ideas For New Moms Gifts

Do you have a friend or relative who just found out she is going to have a baby? This is indeed a very exciting and life changing time for her. Show her you care by putting together a great gift basket!

Many mother-to-be are pampered with gifts but they are almost never fail a gift aimed towards the baby. That is great, but it is also what the baby shower is for. Why not give Mom a little attention of her own and give her a gift that is centered around her, her changing body, and her changing life. Let's pamper mom a little with some thoughtful new mom gifts!

Here are some ideas I have for some gift baskets that are both useful and thoughtful for a new mom to be, or any woman expecting a baby. I have yet to meet a first time mom who didn't go out and buy and read everything about pregnancy, child birth, and infants, that she could possibly get her hands on. Anticipate her needs with a great gift basket full of baby books and other great new mom gifts!

Baby Book Gift Basket

This is a basket containing all the books a first time new mom might need. Include books about:

  • pregnancy

  • child birth

  • infant care

  • baby products

  • baby names

and also include:

  • a baby journal or pregnancy journal

  • baby scrapbook or brag book

  • baby board books or cloth books

  • some book ends and bookmarks

New Mom Pampering Basket

You can still make a gift basket including a lot of books, but shift the focus to pampering mom. Here's some ideas of what to include in this basket:

  • books about pregnancy and child birth

  • a pregnancy journal

  • belly butter and stretch mark cream

  • gift certificates for a pedicure or pre-natal massage

  • a picture frame for her very first ultra sound

The Breast Feeding Enthusiast Gift Basket

  • books about breast feeding

  • breast pump

  • Boppy pillow

  • baby sling

  • breast feeding bracelet

  • nipple cream

  • nipple pads

  • storage bags and containers

Whatever theme you choose for your new mom gifts or baby book gift basket just remember - knowledge is the greatest gift you could possibly give. Need some guidance as to which books would be a good read for the new mom-to-be? Go to baby-books-guide.com. It's your one stop resource when it comes to choosing baby books.

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