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Make Your Own Baby Stuff
Crafts, Patterns, Homemade Baby Food Recipes, And More

So you want to make your own baby stuff? Creating and crafting your little one's world can bring such a satisfaction and a great outlet for creativity. From sewing, crochet, and knitting, to whipping up your own batches of homemade baby food - you'll gain piece of mind and save a little money too!

Homemade Baby Toy Patterns!

Make your own baby rattles, stuffies, or wrist rattles with these cute as can be and easy to make stuffie patterns. Inexpensive to make with craft store. Makes a fantastic beginner's sewing project and/or give them as a gift.

Why Make Your Own Baby Stuff?

  • Make unique and one of a kind baby clothes and accessories!
  • Save money on baby clothing, gear, food and products.
  • Raise your baby with piece of mind by eliminating toxins.
  • Feed your baby homemade food free of GMO's and preservatives.
  • Create fantastic gifts for your friends and family.

Hi and welcome to Make You Own Baby Stuff! I'm Delilah, a stay at home mom, crafter, and homemaker. From before the time my first child was even born I knew I would spend my free time making all sorts of baby stuff and gear. Sewing and creativity is something that had been passed down to me from my mother, to her from my grandmother and so on. It just seemed like second nature!

Research brought me to the conclusion that most foods and products contained a laundry list of things I didn't want to feed my baby or even to touch my baby's skin.

Before I knew it I was making my own baby stuff everything! And along came baby number #2 and on I went.

I was sewing baby clothes from simple baby patterns, making homemade baby food by the batches, and compiling recipes for everything from diaper rash ointment to lotions and natural cleaning products.

I used cloth diapers, made my own baby wipes and somewhere along the way became this super organic earthy nature momma! And I love it because my kids are all the healthier for it!

Now I want to share it all with you! Here you will find patterns and recipes, baby craft and nursery ideas. Ideas to save money, and do it all while keeping it all natural and organic. We'll upcycle and re-use and find ways to make natural and healthy baby stuff while also keeping the carbon footprint low.

One-of-a-Kind Baby Layette

One of the things I love the most about making my own baby stuff - creating unique handmade baby clothes that are one of a kind! You get to choose the colors, patterns, fabric textures, graphics and more.

You can mix and match fabrics, upcycle old clothes to new and interesting pieces. Add ruffles or lace to a boring piece of clothing, or even hand dye fabric to match your favorite colors.

You can hand draw pictures or graphics, hand stencil or add an iron on featuring anything you want!

Save A Pretty Penny

Through buying bulk discount and customizing, upcycling, and sewing your own baby clothes you can save so much money. From buying discount fabric, to upcycling clothing found second hand or hand-me-down.

You can make your own baby slings, ergo and other carriers for a fraction of the price of store bought. Sew your own diaper bags. You can even make your own lotions, balms, and cleaning products.

Every little bit helps in not only saving precious dollars from your everyday budget.

Raise a Healthy, Happy, Natural Baby

When I first heard of toxins and lead found in baby products I was leveled. Products and companies that most people would have thought of as tried and trusted are quietly manufacturing with ingredients that I would not use on my own skin let alone that of a newborn baby. And they get away with it every day.

Scientific testing and studies are showing that many common ingredients in health and beauty products are known carcinogens and cancer causing agents. And you skin will soak these up faster than you would believe.

The best way to ensure that your baby does not come into contact with these chemicals and toxins, is to know what is in your products. Keep them out of your baby's environment. It is much easier than you think to make your own products. You can make everything from lotions to household cleaning products and it is not difficult or terrible time consuming. I want to show you how!

Make Your Own Baby Food

I personally found great joy in making my own homemade baby food. It is such a great feeling to see your baby's eyes light up when they realize just how yummy nice fresh fruits and veggies can be!

I think it may be a common misconception that making baby food has to take up a lot of time, but if you plan ahead you can make food that is so much healthier, tastes better, and is more inexpensive than jarred food.

Who Doesn't Love a Homemade Baby Gift?

A baby gift that has clearly been made with love is one that will be cherished! Pretty much any of the projects and tutorials on this site can also be given as a fantastic baby gift.

Go ahead! Peruse through the site and look for some DIY baby gift ideas that suit your talents and skill level. There's something for everyone!

Fun Projects and Tutorials

Fun Projects and Tutorials

Warm and Fuzzy Blankets

Fuzzy Bear Hat

Nursing Pillow

Shoe Pattern

crunchy nature crafty mom

Hi! I'm Delilah and I make my own baby stuff! Well, I make prety much anything and everything. I perpetually create. But creating homemade baby stuff for my little one's or as super fantastic gifts for others rocks my world. So my mission is to spread the love and share my tips, ideas, tutorials, and patterns with you! Hope you enjoy!

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