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Make Your Own Baby Blankets
A Super Simple Sewing Tutorial For Homemade Blankets

Learning to make your own baby blankets is such a great beginner's sewing project! Creating these homemade baby blankies is a super simple project that will wield great results. And who doesn't want or need yet another cozy blanket?

These blankets make a fantastic addition to the layette, and also make wonderful gifts for the new mom or momma to be. They're so easy to make you will want to make another, and another. You can create these small for a cozy and warm baby blanket, or adjust the size and length for a toddler bed or lap throw.

Homemade Baby Blankets: Choosing A Fabric

The first step to making your own baby blankets is to decide what type of fabric you will use. My three favorite kinds of fabrics to use are cotton quilting fabric, flannel, and super fuzzy fleece (or sometimes referred to as minky fabric).

handmade fleece baby blankets If your truly are a complete sewing newbie, you may want to forgo the stretchy fleece fabrics and go with a simple flannel or cotton!

For this tutorial we will actually be using two fabrics. You can mix and match the actual types of fabrics if you want. But in any case I like to match two coordinating colors or patterns.

My absolute fave is to pair a gorgeous print or woven pattern on cotton with a coordinating colored minky fleece. such a luxurious choice for a baby blankie! And as a gift it is divine. Most momma's will go gaga for a nicely chosen pair of fabrics!

I also am under the opinion that two well chosen flannel fabrics make an excellent receiving blanket. The fabrics will be paired and sewn together making for an extra double thick receiving blanket.

Sewing Your Baby Blanket

OK let's get to work!

For starters let me just say that there is no universal code saying just how big your blankie needs to be. I think it may be somewhat standard for them to be around 30" by 40" inches. But by all means if you have a different idea about how big or little a baby blanket should be then go for it! Create custom blankies with abandon!

So now that you have an idea of how big you want your blanket to be, it is time to begin cutting the fabric to fit your size specs!

Take your pre-washed and ironed fabrics and lay them so they are facing inward (right sides facing each other). Fold the fabrics in half, and then again in the opposite direction. You will be cutting the fabric on the corner.

make your own baby blankets

Divide all your measurements in half and this is how wide and tall you will be cutting. So for example, if you want to make a 30" by 40" blanket you will measure 15" from the corner in one direction and 20" in the other direction. Cut the fabric so that you are cutting away from the folded corner, which when opened will become the exact center of the blanket.

Open the folded fabric. Keeping the right sides together, sew along each edge of the blanket leaving a small opening to turn the blanket right side out. Seam allowance sizing is totally optional. I generally use about a half inch. Just a tip, if one of your fabrics is a stretchy one I find it easier to sew with the non stretch fabric on the bottom against the puler foot. It helps to keep the fabric from stretching out of proportion. Stitch sloowwlly. And carefully.

sewing homemade baby blankets
Turn the right sides out an push out the corners. You may want to iron the edges at this point. Sew the opening shut.

Sew a seam about 1/2 inch in from the edge. You can use a simple straight stitch or even a decorative stitch. I sometimes like to use a brightly colored coordinating thread.

Guess what? You're done! Now wasn't that easy! And fast. Have fun experimenting with different fabrics and colors. You can even make your own baby blankets with ribbon and decorative trims, or for the more advanced sewer, you can add a ruffle trim!

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