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Make Your Own Homemade Toys
Cloth Dolls and Bears, Teething and Learning Toys, Wooden Toys and More!

Natural and homemade toys are ever in rising popularity. But they are not always easy to come by and expensive to boot.

Parents are reaching for natural and homemade baby toys in alternative to the plastic toys manufactured in outside countries being tested full of lead and toxins. And the toys they do not last! How often has a toy you've bought come out of the box half broken or falling apart within days? One sure fire way to control the lead content in the paint on your baby's toys is to pick out the paint yourself. Make your own baby toys!

You can make so many great homemade toys yourself for pennies on the dollar. And it's really fun too! And you'll be rewarded threefold for all your time and effort when your precious little one is just tickled pink by your creations!

We all know that when you give a baby a new toy to play with, they usually spend more time playing with the box it came in. Just this past Christmas my daughter was turning 1 year old two days after Christmas. She was spoiled with all kinds of expensive toys and gifts. And do you want to know what she did? She pushed them all aside and went crazy playing with the bows that came on the gift boxes! She made herself an entire collection of them and months later she was still playing with them. I can't say as much for the toys...

What does this tell us, as parents? Babies and small children like simple toys. Hand them a cup and a spoon and they will play happily for hours. Go and buy them the most expensive high-tech toy and they are bored with it in mere minutes.

Make Homemade Toys!

  • Sew your own dolls and bears
  • Make hand painted wooden toys using safe paints and dyes
  • Make baby mobiles and rattles
  • Create homemade learning toys and help baby explore
You can make baby toys that are simple and timeless. Your kids will love to play with handmade toys and you will enjoy making them. All the while you will be worry free because your toys won't have a need for a recall. Use organic and chemical free safe paints and dyes. Make hand sewn toys. There are many ways to ensure that your handmade baby toys are not going to be harmful to your baby. So get ready to ignore all those toy recalls!

I want to share all of my homemade baby toy ideas with you! Everything from cloth dolls and teddy bear patterns, to teething toys, learning toys, and more!

Make Homemade Baby Toys

make baby blocks

Here is a fairly simple project to make your own baby blocks that can also double as baby nursery toys decorations.
My daughter has a blast playing with these, and they are machine washable.

finger puppet pattern

Make these adorable finger puppets! Check out this tutorial and printable finger puppet patterns to make easy baby toys for everyone from infants to toddlers and beyond.

Homemade baby book

A simple, fun, and easy baby book to create. These baby books are super easy. The fabric for these books is set up to simple cut and sew. The guidelines and instructions are printed onto the fabric.

crochet baby toys rattles

These are super cute and great projects for learning to crochet. If you are new to the craft these are a great way to start and you will make really cute baby toys while you are at it. Easy Crochet Patterns for making baby toys.

make wooden toys

These wooden baby toys are super easy to work with and are so much fun. A great project to get your older children involved in too! Choose your own safe paints and stains to make DIY wooden homemade toys.

Sew your own felt baby toys! homemade baby toys tutorial provides patterns and instructions to make felt baby toys to use as a handmade rattle, crib toy, or car seat toy. These are super easy to make baby toys and are open to endless possibilities!

Fun Projects and Tutorials

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