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Easy DIY Wooden Toys For Babies

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Making baby toys with these wooden toys is super easy. No worrying about lead paint and toy recalls here! They are already made! You provide the paint. By using a non-toxic water based craft paint you are ensuring that your baby will not come in contact with any harmful substances.

Let's face it. Babies put everything in their mouthes. If you are still worried about the paint they might ingest (most likely not once it has dried but I can certainly relate to worrying about everything) you can even use a good colored wood stain. Wood stain seeps into the wood once it is applied, and then you actually wipe it off. Now you know for sure that baby will not end up swallowing anything funny from these wooden toys.

diy wooden baby toys

Wood working is becoming much more largely popular with the arts and crafts community. Hit any of the larger arts and crafts supply stores and they now have a pretty large section of wood working tools and supplies. That is where you will also come across a good assortment of wooden toys that are already assembled and just awaiting a good coat of paint, or stain, or whatever you choose to decorate them with. Go cruise that section of the store and I guarantee you will find a wealth of possibilities of making great handmade baby toys. Among some of the toys I found there were assorted little wooden train cars complete with built in magnets at either end to build an entire train. Some of the cars were even shaped like animals and alphabet letters. Boy do I see possibilities of a great toy there!
There were also assorted wooden animals with wheels on the bottom. Building blocks, alphabet blocks, boxes, mini doll houses, and even little racing cars and trucks. Do keep in mind though that some of these toys may have small parts that could come loose. Be wary of choking hazards. Choose carefully and check over each toy thoroughly.

When you are done choosing some wooden toys take a minute to check out all of the tools and supplies to use to decorate them. There will be handmade wooden baby toys several paints to choose from as well as brush sets. You will find your wood stains, and even wood glue. It's all there!

If you are going to paint the baby toys I would recommend purchasing a set of assorted paint brushes in different sizes. Pick a few paint to work with. If you are going to use an acrylic, water based craft paint, just buy a few primary colors and mix them to get the colors you want. This will save a couple bucks. Besides, you won't need to use any solvent to clean up messes. Soap and water will do it!

When using a stain I would pick one that does not have any polyurethane mixed into it. The fumes can be a bit harmful, and it will leave a residue on the outside of the wood. Regular stain will simply seep into the wood. You can apply it with a medium sized brush and then wipe it off with a simple rag. If you want to get intricate with using different color stains and such, then I would recommend buying a few different sized brushes, or a set.

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