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Crochet Baby Toys!
Easy Crochet Patterns For Cute DIY Baby Toys

So I have to come clean up front... I'm a total newbie when it comes to crochet! But these adorable crochet baby toy patterns inspire me so much. They were my inspiration for learning and practicing my crochet skills.

Crochet is a craft that you can carry into so many other areas of your life than just creating baby toys. You can craft up your own blankies and afghans, clothes and more.

Soooo the question is - Do you crochet? If you're already privy to this craft then you can bust out a barrel full of cute baby toys in no time. Do you want to learn to crochet? Well here are some perfect patterns to begin with and polish your newly acquired skills!

About These Cute As Can Be Baby Toy Crochet Patterns

Well this here is a compilation of crochet patterns that I like best, that just happen to be baby toys or items that would make a great baby toy.

One of my absolute favorite things to make with crochet is amigurumi. Yes I admit it, I'm a total nerd. I love to make horribly cute little toys and sometimes it hurts to give them away! Amigurumi are tiny little crochet stuffed animals. They are absolutely perfect for making rattles or mobiles, or just keep around as stuffies. One of my absolute fave toys I had as a small child were a set of barnyard amigurumi my mom made me as a baby. I held onto them for years.

So without further ado...

Baby Toy Crochet Patterns... Or Amigurumi If You Want To Get Technical

Crochet rainbow nesting bowls! Love, love, love these! A perfect toy for your little one when those little fingers start grasping and gripping. And what a lovely texture for those lovely little tootsies! Find the pattern over at Seriously Daisies.

Oh wouldn't these just make the perfect baby rattle? Just sew some bells or rattlers into the inside of one of these cuties and you're good to go. Hours of happy baby fun! AND there is a free tutorial and crochet pattern at the Tangled Happy blog.

baby toy crochet pattern

I came across these patterns while searching for a particular yarn I wanted to use by Lino's Brand. It turns out their website is also an impressive resource for free crochet patterns! Now that I have found this site I will be back for more and more. I just had to share it with all of you. To find this Lion pattern and a bunch of other super cute critters go to the Lion Brand website. You may need to register with the site to get the patterns but it is so well worth it.

I hope you enjoy these baby toy crochet patterns! As I find (or create - I don't know if when I will be that skilled!) new and fun patterns I will post them here! And as always, I would LOVE to see your creations if you've tackled one of the projects above. Or, hey, maybe you've created a tutorial of your own? Drop me a line and if I like it maybe I'll share it with my readers and spread the crafty love. ;-)

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