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Making your own baby food is one of the best and most loving things you can do for your child. By making your own baby food you not only save money for your family, but you are ensuring the health of your baby by choosing the freshest and healthiest ingredients, sans any preservatives, fillers, or unnecessary ingredients.

Homemade baby food can be incredible nourishing for your dear little one! And I congratulate you in taking the first steps on this journey. I know in the beginning, in these crazy fast paced lives we lead, making your own baby food can be an overwhelming notion. "Where will I find the time?"

I want to share with you the most simple, easy, and fastest ways to make baby food. With the right approach to fit your lifestyle and family's needs you can be whipping up homemade baby food in a breeze.

Making Homemade Baby Food To Save Money

Besides providing the most nutritional foods for you wee one, another great reason to make your own baby food is to save money.

I learned to shop smart and create whole batches of baby food to freeze or can to save for later. For just an hour or two of cooking you could make an entire month's worth or more of homemade baby food recipes!

"Who has the time to make baby food?"

It is do-able AND it doesn't have to take up as much of your time as you would think it would. In the end it is worth every bit of time you spend. The health benefits to your baby are tremendous.

Make your own baby food and reap the benefits

  • Save money by making smart decisions in buying the right baby food items, finding the bargains, and storing your food correctly.
  • Feel good about feeding your baby the most healthy diet possible
  • Go green and natural. Make foods with organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • Do away with the finicky eater syndrome by introducing your baby to a world of variety in foods

My Journey To Homemade Baby Food

My journey to choosing to make my own baby food started in the grocery store aisle. One day I turned the baby jar over and looked at the ingredients. What I expect to see on the ingredients list for baby food is just what I had seen on the front. Applesauce should be made out of apples and apples only. But instead what I found were words I could barely pronounce.

And the foods, they smelled like something I wouldn't even eat myself. And didn't taste so great either. My baby had started to actually out right gag from the taste of many of the foods.

feeding homemade baby foodSo I started to do some research...

Some of the ingredients in these jarred baby foods were in some way questionable, undesirable, or down right disgusting.

So many reason to make your own baby food. From preservatives and chemical additives, to fillers, pesticides and maybe worse...

GMO's in Baby Food

Genetically Modified Organisms - GMO for short. My biggest and best reason to make homemade baby food.

Some people think GMO foods are the same as hybrid food, but they're not. Hybridization of plants is the practice of crossing two kinds of plants to make a new species of plant. This can occur in nature.

Plants that are genetically modified by crossing the DNA of two separate species all together. Think in terms of crossing fish (or animal) DNA with plant DNA. I don't know about you but that is not something I want to eat.

The purpose is to introduce new traits to the plant that did not exist before, such as resistance to certain pests, weeds, and the worst of all, resistance to pesticides. The reason this is bad? These plants have been modified to tolerate massive dosing of pesticide to the plants and soil of our food. Pesticide exposure has been multiplied.

Some have been modified to actually kill pests that try to eat the plant. If the plant is genetically altered to make a caterpillar's stomach explode from eating it, then what does it doe to my child's stomach?

organic vegetablesWhat is worse is that there is really no adequate testing to ensure that these foods are safe for human consumption. Most any testing can be traced back to being funded in one way or another, by the companies who are creating the GMO plants and the pesticide companies (which are one and the same really).

And GMO's are in everything! Chances are you have eaten GMO's this very day. If it is not 100% organic, or grown in your own garden from organic seed, or is a processed food that is not 100% organic, then 99.9% it probably contains GMO's. You see, the most widely GMO'd crop in the USA is corn. And everything is made out of corn. It's in practically everything...

I sincerely urge you to do more research from all view points about GMO's and make your own decision based on studies and facts. The info is out there and far more lengthy than I have tome to get into here.

But how to ensure that your baby not consume any GMO's?

Organic Baby Food

The only way to know for sure that your fruits and veggies are not GMO, is to buy 100% organic vegetables and foods. I know, I know, organic foods are expensive! But if you shop smart you can offset the cost. I know. My family has gone from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to one that is almost 100% organic, and non-GMO. And we are not wealthy by any means. But I care insanely about the health of my family and where there is a will, there is a way!

I shop around. A lot. I learned to grow my own food in the spring and summer to fall. I shop wisely. I shop local. And I eat less meat (more vegetarian meals) so I can afford organic meats and poultry. Because sadly, yes, your meat has GMO's too. How? through the animal feed, which has also been genetically modified. Not to mention the cocktail of antibiotics livestock is injected with to combat the horrible conditions they are kept in. Also very, very bad for you and your baby.

Our journey to a GMO free diet has been a long one consisting of baby steps. It is a lot to take on all at once, but I would love to share with you all how we switched our family to a natural and GMO free diet.

Well I do hope you enjoy your journey to healthy cooking and homemade baby food recipes for your lil' one! Don't be a stranger! We'd love to hear about your homemade baby food recipes, your journey to making your own, or your thoughts on GMO's and toxins in our foods.

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