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Finger Puppet Patterns

Use these printable finger puppet patterns for making finger puppets that are both easy to make and so cute. After I was finished making these my daughter could not wait to get her hands on them. These are great interactive baby toys too, and great for any age. Got an infant? Make black and white finger puppets or add a little red for contrasting colors. Make up silly games and interact with your baby. Got a toddler? Show her/him how to place them on their own hands and put on a little show!

For now I have three printable finger puppet patterns, but I plan to add more in the future! Keep checking back for upcoming printables.

Materials needed to make these finger puppets:

  • fabric scraps
  • felt
  • colored threads and needles for embroidery
  • fuse-able bond for applique

First cut out the square fabric pieces using the printable pattern of your choice. The square pieces will make up the "body" of the finger puppets. I like to make mine using unique and pretty patterned fabrics, but you could also use felt.

The next step would be to create you felt pieces and applique. First apply some fuse-able bonding to the back of the felt you will be using. For each of these finger puppet patterns the faces will be made using felt applique and the ears and arms will be used with just plain old pieces of felt. The only exception is the bunny puppet whose ears have a bit of applique as well.
Cut out the pattern pieces for the face and trace them onto the felt applique pieces. Cut out these pieces with a sharp pair of scissors using the pattern as a guideline.

Apply the applique to the front of one of the square fabric pieces using a hot iron. If you have never used applique before visit my printable applique patterns page for instructions on how to applique. The package of iron on bonding should have detailed directions as well.

Get out some matching threads and needle to finish the applique. I like to hand stitch around the outer edges of the felt applique in a thread that is matching or just slightly contrasting to the color of the felt. Next get out some thread to add some hand embroidered faces. I like to use a dark brown for making eyelashes and noses. Get creative and use whatever colors appeal to you. If you do not feel confident trying to hand sew on the faces, then simply use some fabric paint to draw on a cute little face.

Once the face on your little finger puppet is complete, it is time to start sewing. You can easily hand sew the puppets if you do not have a sewing machine, but machine sewing is ultra quick for this project. Don't have a sewing machine but really want one? Or maybe you'd just like to experiment without spending a ton of money? Check out my ideas on how to get a free or super cheap sewing machine.
First get out your hot iron. Fold the bottom halves of the square fabrics down about 1/8" and iron them into place. I recommend placing the pieces side by side and doing this just to make sure they are perfectly aligned with each other. Once you have ironed the first fold, now fold the bottom edge over again another 1/8" and iron in place. If you want you can insert a pin facing vertically to hold it in place. Now sew across the bottom of both the front and back pieces for your finger puppet to hold the hem shut.

Now lay the front of your finger puppet down, face up. Place the ears so they are facing downward towards the face. The front should be facing down. Lay the arm pieces across the inside of the body. Lay the remaining square piece of fabric so that the wrong side is facing up. Pin everything into place.

Now sew the remaining edges shut. Turn the puppet inside out and viola! You're done!

Jonesing to make some more cute finger puppets? Keep checking back! I'll be adding more finger puppet patterns in the future!

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