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Build the Perfect Baby Gift Basket

Tips and Ideas to Arranging a Beautiful Baby Gift Basket

pink baskets for baby basket gifts Giving a gift basket is one way to make sure that your gift is one that is well liked, useful, and something the recipient needs all in one. It is a way to give many small gifts all in one. Who doesn't love getting a gift basket? The problem being that those that are put together beforehand by someone unknown, often tend to be cheap and tacky. Whenever opting for the basket gift, I put the gift basket together myself.

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when shopping to put together your gift basket.

  • the size of the basket

  • the basket theme

  • gift placement and arrangement

First and foremost - the size of the basket. You want to make sure you pick a basket that is just the right size for the gifts you intend to give. If the basket is too big, then either you have to buy more gifts to fill it, or it will look really empty
If the basket is too small, the arrangement will look crammed and crowded. Not a good look for a stylish baby basket.

Pick a Baby Basket Theme

Pick a theme for your basket. If you are making a baby gift basket, chances are that the Mom to be (or new mom) has a baby registry. Pick an item or two off of the registry that are related to each other, and go from there. For example, There is a cute after bath set on the registry, like a hooded towel set. Go with the bath theme. Buy baby soap and shampoo. Lotion, wash cloths, bath toys, etc... and fill a basket with them. You got yourself a super cute bath time themed baby gift basket.

How you arrange the gifts in the basket can be crucial. However useful or loved the gifts inside the basket are, the whole thing kinda falls flat if the basket looks shabbily put together.
Try to pick only one to two items on the larger side and make sure they will both fit in the basket with room to spare for the rest of the gifts.
You should have several smaller gifts that are almost like "stocking

baskets with bows for baby basket gifts stuffers". Small little gifts that can fit anywhere in the basket.
Another crucial element to arranging you baby gift basket is Filler. By the term "filler" I mean items like burp cloths, baby wash cloths, receiving blankets; things that can be kind of balled up or folded to act as a shelf to hold smaller items higher up. Say you have a smaller gift to put into the basket, but when you place it among the other gifts, it looks silly because it is shorter than the sides of the basket. It just kind of disappears leaving a blank space. Well if you have filler, then you can put some of it under the item, and prop it up in a place that looks more pleasing to the eye. Filler can also be used to help angle some products so that they face out at different angles, other than just straight up and down. This gives an over-all look of texture.
If you are short on funds, just use tissue paper, or even wrapping paper, for your baby gift basket filler. Trust me, it will look great and no-one will worry that there is wrapping paper in there instea of receiving blankets.

With these tips in hand you can go out there and put together a baby gift basket that will elicit "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs" from the baby shower crowd or baby mama's. Have fun with it, and good luck!

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