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DIY Changing Table Pad and Changing Pad Cover

diy changing table pad

How To Construct Your Own Handmade
Baby Changing Table Pad And Changing Pad Cover

In my searches for inexpensive nursery furniture options I came across many changing tables that did not come with a pad. In some cases you even have to purchase the pad separately on new changing tables. They can be pretty expensive little items really. Especially when I knew I could make my own for under $10.00.

Me? I went for the used and dirt cheap changing table. I ended buying my changing table at a baby consignment shop that had lots of used baby furniture. It was only $15.00! I couldn't pass it up.

I know some prefer the contoured changing pads these days. I, myself, see no need for them. I know the whole purpose is to keep baby from rolling off of the table. For me this is no problem as I have no intention whatsoever to leave the baby unsupervised even for a millisecond. If I need to walk away for any reason at all, I will either ignore the distraction or bring the baby with me diapered or not. So I opted to make a simple flat changing table pad cushion that would do the job of making the baby nice and comfy for his frequent diaper changing visits.

Here's what I did:

1. First I went and bought material to make my pad with. This is quite simple! I just bought some craft foam from the fabric store. It is sold to make cushions and things out of so it is perfect. It also happens to be available in many different widths (thickness, I mean).

2. I needed my foam to be just the right size to fit my changing table. Most of these foams come in big sheets. Some are quite thick. You can have them cut to size for you right at the store. Others come in long sheets all wrapped in a package. These are foams in which you are able to cut with scissors. It will say so right on the packaging. You can even adhere two layers together to make it thicker.
I bought the kind that you can cut with scissors. It was cheap, and the softest, and there was a lot of it so I could use the excess to make some other projects. Always a plus in my book. I measured the changing table top so I would know exactly how big I should be cutting my changing table pad cushion. Once I had the dimensions I used a measuring tape to mark off where I needed to cut the foam.
First I measured the length and made a few marks as a guideline. I spaced the marks apart so I could kind of play connect the dots to make perfectly straight lines. I did the same for the width of the pad as well. Using the guidelines I'd drawn I cut the pad from the sheet of foam and placed it on the table to make sure it fit perfectly.

3. I wanted to make a cover for the pad, but I also wanted the pad to be protected in case there were any leaks or messes. The first thing I did was sew a few waterproof panels for the top of the pad. These are to placed on top of the changing table pad inside of the changing pad cover. All I did was grab some terry cloth and some vinyl (I actually used an old vinyl table cloth I had lying around). Cut the fabrics into rectangles just a little smaller than the dimensions of your changing table pad. Place them together so that their right sides (fronts) are facing each other. Sew all four edges leaving an opening about 2-3" inches. Turn the fabrics inside out and stitch the opening shut. You can also stitch around the outside of the panel about a 1/4" in from the edge to give it some reinforcement.

make a changing table pad cover

4. Now on to make the changing pad cover. You'll need to cut some fabric so that it is a little longer than the length of your burp cloth and about two and a half times the size of the width of the changing table pad. What you should have is a piece of fabric that you can wrap around the pad so that it will meet on the underside and overlap edges by about 7-10" inches. To get the measurement I simply wrapped my pad in the fabric I intended to use and then trimmed the fabric while it was still on the pad. I used a striped fabric which made it very easy to make sure the fabric was always perfectly straight. It also made it easy to cut perfectly straight lines!

sew changing pad cover 5. I heated up a clothes iron to iron the edges of the fabric. Lay the fabric down on a work surface facing downward. Fold the edges that run up and down the length of the pad. Fold them about a 1/4" inward and iron them down. Fold them over again and iron and pin in place. Now bring them over to your sewing machine and sew the edges down. Remove the pins.
Go back and carefully wrap the fabric back around the pad so that the right side is facing inward. Make sure it is very straight and even. Overlap the edges of the fabric on the back of the pad and pin them in place. Very carefully remove the cushion from the changing pad cover. Go back over make a changing table pad and sew the edges down about 1/4" in from the edge. I made sure and double stitched over where the fabric overlaps. To make sure the cover fit like a glove sewed only one edge over first and then tried the cover on the pad again. I then pinned exactly where I wanted the cover to be stitched to get a perfect fit. I then went back and sewed the remaining edge. After sewing, turn it inside out so the right side is facing outward.

6. You can stop here if you like but I had to go a little further and add some velcro to completely close the cover. You could sew on some little snaps or buttons instead if you like. I was feeling lazy so I used velcro. The velcro I used was sticky backed. All I had to do was cut out a couple little pieces. I stuck the opposite sides together, cut them to size, removed the backing and stuck them on. Easy peasy! You can leave the changing table pad as is or go back and reinforce the velcro with a couple of diagonal stitches using your sewing machine.

Now you've got yourself a great DIY changing table pad! Make several changing pad covers so you can rotate them between washes or for any sudden leaks or messes. They are quick and easy to make!

make a changing table pad

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