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DIY Baby Bedroom Furniture

Saving Money When Furnishing a Baby Nursery and DIY Baby Bedroom Furniture

DIY baby nursery furniture does not mean getting out the wood and building the furniture yourself. You can save a lot of money by simply knowing where to shop, finding used or unfinished furniture, and painting, staining, and/ or finishing it yourself. DIY Nursery furniture means creating new unique and chic pieces of furniture from old, unfinished, and used furniture.

The best thing about doing-it-yourself is that you get to completely customize every piece of furniture in your baby's bedroom to match whatever your style or theme is. If your aim is to go out and buy furniture that is made to match a certain theme, you're talking big bucks. The DIY way is a way to save a substantial amount of money and still get very stylish and chic baby bedroom furniture.

DIY baby bedroom furniture - ways to customize your baby nursery furniture:

thrift-store-rocking-chair Stripping, Sanding, and Staining - Find used and old wood furniture in need of a little TLC. All you have to do is strip off any old paints or bad finish coating. Sand the surface to create a nice smooth surface. Stain you newly smooth wood surface to create beautiful natural wood furniture. Apply a finish coat of clear polyurethane. You'll be amazed at the results.

Using Paint - OK, so maybe you're not into the natural wood look. Make bright and beautiful furniture, or classic furniture with clean lines by adding a new coat of paint to some old furniture.

Buy unfinished wood furniture - You will find so much value in a wood mill store. The furniture will not always be on the cheapest side but what you will get is furniture to last a lifetime for a fantastic price. Paint or stain the wood to your liking or pay the store to do it for you.

Add Custom Hardware - Shop at home improvement store to buy new and stylish hardware to old furniture.

Sewing New Cushions and Seating - Refurbishing and old changing table or rocking chair? Use hip new fabric textiles and padding to create new pillows and seating cushions.

Where to shop for used and unfinished baby bedroom furniture

shopping for used baby furniture Thrift stores - Check out used and second hand stores like the Salvation Army and consignment shops. Check local listings as well. Many times you will find a consignment or second hand store that carries children's items and furniture exclusively.

Used furniture Stores - This is the ultimate place to shop for your baby bedroom furniture. Think outside of the box when you are shopping. Do not only look for furniture that was made especially for babies or children. Keep an eye out for furniture that is simply built smaller than most. Look for items that may not have been intended for a baby, but can made to do the job. For example, I went shopping for furniture for my daughter, mainly to look for someplace to keep some of her clothes. I ended up buying a night stand

cute baby chair from thrift store that was really just an unusually tall piece of furniture and had a lot of drawers. It may not have been meant to be a baby's bureau, but it sure does do the job. I took it home and gave it a new coat of paint. It already had really great antique hardware on it, so it was super easy. I just added some cute drawer liners. The whole project cost me $20.00.
Other great examples of thinking outside of the box - turn a set of shelves into a baby changing table and diaper changing station by adding a little bit of a bigger table to the top and creating a changing pad. You can even match the fabric of the changing pad to something hip to match the baby room. You could even change a wardrobe bureau into a changing table.

Natural Wood Mill Furniture Store - This is the store where they sell all of the furniture and items unfinished. You can opt to pay more for the items and have them painted or stained at the store in the color or finish of your choice. Or you can bring it on home and do it yourself. These stores are great because each and every piece that you buy is quality. These stores usually sell furniture made out of really nice wood that will last you a very long time. Go here if you want real quality and value.

If you play your cards right and are willing to get your hands a little dirty you could save a ton of money. In some cases you could probably get away with spending what you would on one new piece of furniture, yet furnish an entire room.

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