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Make Your Own Baby Hair Accessories

Making DIY Baby Head Bands as Stylish Baby Hair Accessories
stylish baby hair accessories

These stylish baby hair accessories are relatively easy to make. Baby head bands are great for when your baby's hair is getting just long enough that you need to keep it out of her eyes, yet you cannot get an elastic hair band into it.

Believe me, I've been there. Which is what inspired me to make these head bands. I shopped and shopped for the perfect hair accessories and hair bows but came up short when it came to style. By creating my own I could have baby head bands that would match just about any outfit I dress my baby in. Not only that but they are easy to make!

baby head bands Tools needed to make these baby hair accessories:
Plain nylon covered baby head bands

fabric scraps or fat quarters
Glue gun or "No Sew" fabric glue
(optional) ribbon or rick rack

First off you want to get yourself some head bands to start with. You can find them pretty inexpensively in most major department stores like Walmart or Target. Goody sells a pack of them that are super cheap and they are already covered in a nylon casing which is perfect to affix a more stylish fabric to.

If you have already been making baby clothes then it is perfect because you will have a bit of left over fabric that will perfectly match your baby clothes. Otherwise you can buy some really cool fabrics sold in what they call fat quarters. They are basically just a quarter yard of fabric. You'll have leftovers to make other stuff with too. You'll also need a glue gun or you can hit the sewing notions aisle and buy some fabric glue to affix your fabric to the head band with.

Start by measuring the head band with a sewing tape. You will want to cut your fabric about 3/4 of an inch longer then the length of the head band. Also measure the width of the band and cut the fabric to be about twice the width or a little more. Sometimes it is easier to cut it a little wider than you need. You can always go back and trim it.

Once your fabric is cut, start applying some glue over the top of the baby head band. Spread it all over to ensure that the fabric really sticks. It

doesn't have to be excessive, just spread thoroughly. Use your finger to smooth the fabric in place over the entire top of the head band. If you are using a glue gun you'll need to work fast and in small sections before the glue cools and hardens.

Next turn the band over so that you are looking at the underside. Apply a band of glue from one side to about 3/4's to the opposite side of the width of the band. Starting st the bottom of one side of the head band, start to smooth the fabric in place onto the underside of the head band.

Place a bead of glue into the fold of fabric at the very end of the head band. Place another bead or two on the actual band and fold the end up to attach it to the end. Now apply some glue to the fabric that is hanging off the side of the hair band (as well as into the fabric fold) and smooth it into place over the underside of the band. Trim the edges of the fabric if they fold to far over the width of the head band. Make sure and trim them back so they fold close to the middle of the width of the band. Keep gluing the fabric in place until you reach just about the middle point. Start again from the opposite side until all of the fabric is glued in place over the entire head band. Let it dry!

Optional step: If you want a completely polished looking baby hair accessories you may want to cover the seam on the underside of the baby head band. You can easily do this with some ribbon or rick rack in a color to match your chosen fabric. Just use the fabric glue used to decorate the hair band and apply a beading along the ribbon or rick rack. Smooth the ribbon in place across the seam where the two fabrics meet. Simply leave the entire project to dry and you are done!

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