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DIY Baby Kimono Onesies

Tips To Altering A Baby Kimono Onesie Into A DIY Masterpiece

cute embellished baby kimono onesie

Baby kimono onesies are the style of onesie that is generally used while your baby is a newborn. They button shut across the front, or even tie shut. This is so that you do not need to try to pull the onesie over the baby's head. These onesies are actually really cute on their own. Although they generally come in white only. If you find them in any other colors or made with stylish accents you are probably in for a hefty price tag. I can show you how to turn regular dull old white baby kimono onsies into unique and super stylish baby tee. The best thiing about this? You'll most likely get a ton of these FREE form the hospital! I used some ribbon and and matching ribbon rosettes to dress up this onesie. But there are several other ways to do it. I recommend using this method for the kimono style t-shirt only, as adding the ribbon greatly reduces the stretch in the neckline. Kimonos are for easy on and off wear!

Here's how I did it:

All you need is some medium width ribbon, some little decorative accents or buttons (I used little ribbon rose buds accents), and some matching thread and needle. I was able to finish this project in just about an hour so it is really not too time consuming. Also, if you want to speed things way up, use a sewing machine to sew the ribbon on. I hand sewed the entire project.

Simply sew the ribbon onto the bias edge of the onesie. I sewed the ribbon on from either outer edge. If you are hand sewing do not pull the stitches in too tight or the ribbon will pucker all over the place.
One easy way to keep the ribbon in place while you sew is to glue the ribbon down lightly with some fabric glue before hand. I actually just held it down with my thumb while I was sewing. This can become tedious work however. I would not recommend simply gluing the ribbon down and omitting the sewing. The effect will look cheap and it might come off easily in the wash. Trust me, these onesies will see the inside of a washing machine several times. Other than that, I just don't think new mommas want much glue to be on her infants clothing.

One of the things I like about hand sewing this project is that you can essentially stop and start the project wherever you want. So, say you don't have time to finish it all at once. Just work on it a few minutes a day, then stick the needle in halfway and put it aside. You can have a few of these baby kimono oneises done over a week or two by doing this.

Once you have sewn the ribbon on you're pretty much home free. The hard work is over. Now just use your thread and needle to attatch cute little adornments where the buttons are. If it is a tie shut onesie then just replace the tie with matching ribbon. Otherwise, pick out a cute button, or like I did, cute little fabric rose buds or similar item. Sew them on over the snaps and you are done! Viola!

The beauty of these DIY baby kimono onesies is that if you found an item like this in the store it would be super expensive. You can probably buy a whole pack of these onesies for around $15.00 and only spend a couple bucks on ribbon and stuff.

Want to create a whole gift set? Make a matching pair of baby pants and baby blanket.

More Ideas For Altering A Baby Kimono Onesie

  • Hand Dying - You can use fabric dye or even Kool-aid to add some vibrant splashes of color to plain old white t-shirts. Or even tie dye!

  • Applique - Add cute shapes and badges by using applique. You can applique shapes with patterned fabric or create neat pictures using felt.

  • Handmade Bias Tape - Instead of ribbon create your own bias tape using unique Children's fabrics.

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