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Make Your Own Baby Pillow Cases

Making your own baby pillow cases can be both fun, quick, and super easy! It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete one case. You can create piles of em' in no time!
These pillow cases can make great decoration for your DIY nursery but always remember to remove them from the crib before putting your baby down for a nap. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends removing bedding like blankets, pillows, bumpers, and toys while baby is in his/her crib.
I like to make my pillow cases so that the opening is in the middle of the pillow rather than on the end. Not your average pillow case! Here's a really easy way to sew baby pillow cases to fit any baby pillow or cushion.

What you will need:

  • fabric

  • matching thread and needle

  • velcro (sewable or with adhesive backing)

You really do not need a pattern to make one of these baby pillow cases. If I decide to make a pattern I usually make it out of newspaper. The only good reason to use a pattern really is if you plan to make several pillow cases that are the same size.

Measure the width of your pillow. Add a couple of inches to the width to allow for seams. Now measure the pillow from top to bottom. Double this measurement and then add 6 - 10 inches. You want it so that if you wrap the fabric around the pillow the ends will overlap.

Cut the fabric into a rectangle going by the measurements you took. You can also make your pattern out of newspaper or pattern paper this way.

Start by heating up an iron and ironing down the top and bottom edge of the fabric so that it is facing inwards towards the back of the fabric. Fold the edge over about a 1/4 - 1/2" and iron in place. Fold the ironed edge over again and iron and pin in place. Repeat this for both the top and bottom of the fabric. Bring the fabric to your sewing machine and sew these pinned edges in place.

Lay the fabric out onto a flat work surface so that the front of the fabric is facing up. Lay the pillow on top of the fabric, placing it in the middle between the top and bottom of the fabric. Fold one side over the pillow so that it's edge lays just past the middle point of the pillow. Now fold the opposite end over to overlap the first folded flap. Pin the edges of the pillow so that all layers and folds of fabric are pinned together, leaving one side open to slip the pillow out. Pull the pillow gently out of the edge that was left open. Lay the folded fabric flat and pin shut the remaining edge.

Sew the left and right edges about 1/4" to a 1/2" hem from the edge. If you want to you can trim the raw edges closer to the seams. Pull all of the pins out and turn the fabric inside out.

Next just add some velcro to the inside of the overlapping fold of fabric. You can sew the velcro in place or even use self adhesive velcro. You could also go a bit further and sew on buttons instead. I sometimes even use velcro and just sew on a button for decoration.

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