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How to Make Cute Hair Bows for Baby Girls

Making these hair bows for baby girls is a snap and they will look so cute on your little princess. They are great accessories to formal baby dresses and holiday outfits. For those diva baby girl's out there - a great every day baby hair accessory.

The example I show here is sewn on a sewing machine, but these can be made without sewing as well. Fabric glue will do the trick just fine. Just be sure to let it dry completely before letting your little one wear the baby hair accessory.

make cute hair bows for baby girlsMaterials needed to make the hair bows for baby girls:

fabric scraps ( about a square foot should be more than enough)

matching thread or No Sew fabric glue

(optional) decorative embellishments such as fabric flowers or beads/buttons

2-3 feet of matching thick ribbon

clothing iron

Start by using our hair band pattern to cut your fabric into rectangles. You will need two rectangles to make just one of the hair bows.

If you want to be very precise with the measurements of this baby hair accessory you can measure your baby's head from ear to ear. Add about 1/2 an inch to the measurement. This is how long the rectangle should be. You can adjust the width to whatever suits your taste. Thick or thin?

Use some sewing chalk or pencils to mark a guideline about 1/4" in from the edge on all four sides of the rectangle (as shown on the pattern).

Now take out your clothes iron and set it to the appropriate setting for the fabric you choose. Fold the edges in on your guidelines and iron the edge down to keep it in place. Start with the long edges and then iron in the

baby girl head band hair accessory corners. If you must you can use a pin to hold down the ends. Repeat this for the second rectangle as well. Keep checking it against the first rectangle to make sure they are completely identical.

Now is the time to add any embellishments or decorations. I used some fabric flowers that were actually meant to be for scrapbooking and cardmaking. They came with some decorative brads to hold them in place. So what I did was make a small cut in the fabric with an Xacto knife and slip the end of the brads through it. I secured it on the opposite side.
Some other good suggestions is to hand sew a few fabric flowers onto the headband. You can make these hair bows for baby girls using beads, buttons, or iron on aplique, just to mention a few.

Take your chosen ribbon and cut two pieces. I recommend you cut it at a length that is much too long, and then trim it afterwards. Take the end of one ribbon and place it sandwiched between one end of the rectangles. Pin it in place about and inch away from the edge. Repeat this with the other piece of ribbon into the opposite end of the fabric rectangle.

About now is a good time to just kind of hold it up to your baby girl's head to see if it is the right size for her. If it seems to big or too small, no

make baby hair accessories problem! Just take out the pins and adjust the size. Fold the edges down even further in and then iron them all over again.

From here you have a choice. You can:

A. Use fabric glue to hold the pieces together. Apply the glue to the folded down edges. Also apply some glue to ribbons to hold them in place. Make sure you remove any pins! Stick both pieces together with the rough folded edges facing in towards each other. It would be a good idea to set it down with a good heavy book set on top of it until the glue is dry. The fabric glue should tell you somewhere on the packaging how long to wait to dry.

B. Sew both fabric rectangles together. Sew right up close to the edges all the way around all four corners.

Now that the fabric pieces are sewn together you are almost done! Now for the fit. If you are making these hair bows for baby girls as a gift then you can just snip the ends of the ribbon so they are of equal length. Snip the ends at an angle. It justs looks nice.
Otherwise try the head band on your baby. Tie the ribbons into a bow and then snip the ribbon to a length that suits you. Untie the ribbon and make sure the ends are equal in length.

ribbon and flower baby hair accessory

You can make these hair bows for baby girls as a gift or simply as a great hair accessory for your baby girl.

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