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Baby Sleep Sack Pattern

How would you like to make your own blanket sleepers? With this printable baby sleep sack pattern you can make warm and cozy sleepy sacks to keep baby warm in this cold, cold winter weather.

You can make these sleep sacks in super heavy weight blanket fabric for the extra cold winter months, or even make them lighter with some nice cotton flannel for the fall and spring. Make them with upcycled sweaters for fab recycled baby gear, or even out of old T-shirts for a nice summertime sleep sack when the AC is blasting.

I created this sleepy sack the easy DIY way utilizing snaps to hold the upper parts shut. But you could easily use a zipper or velcro.

baby sleep sack pattern Supply List:

PDF Sleep Sack Pattern
Make Your Own Blanket Sleeper

. To make the sleep sack I recommend using two different fabric choices. I like to pair a cotton fabric with a interesting print with something soft and cozy for the inside. My absolute fave is super fuzzy fleece (a.k.a minky fabric). But you could also pair with some flannel, french terry, jersey cotton, or even another cotton print for a mild weather sleeper.

Begin by downloading the printable PDF pattern and trimming the pieces from the paper. The pieces will need to be taped together to form the full pattern pieces needed.

You will cut three pieces from each fabric. One back piece and two front pieces. You can also cut an optional button tab as I have shown on my sleeper (the piece that folds over at the top and snaps the sleeper shut). To cut this piece simple cut out a rectangle of fabric about 1.5-2" by 4".

sleep sack pattern

make baby sleep sack

Fold each front piece over by half an inch facing to the back of the fabric at the opening at the front of the sleeper. Iron the fabric in place. Match up and pin together the front and back pieces with right sides facing (folded edge at the middle. Do this for each set of different fabrics.

sleep sack pattern sewing

sleep sack pattern sewing

Starting at the bottom armpit area stitch the pieces together with a 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. Stitch all along the edge ending at the opposite side. Repeat for the second set of fabric pieces.

With right sides facing insert the outer fabrics into the inner fuzzy fabrics. Match the seams and pin. Match the seams at the arm holes and pin. Sew the two fabric sets together at the arm hole area on both sides.

Turn the fabric right side out and tuck the fuzzy fabric into place. At the upper shoulder, with right sides facing sew the two fabrics together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Match the wrong sides together again and, while matching seams, fold the edges around the neckline inward by 1/2" and iron and pin in place.

sleep sack pattern sewing

Sew along the neckline with a 1/4" seam allowance starting at the middle of the neck and ending at the very end at the middle and bottom of the sleep sack. Repeat for the opposite side.

To finish stitch the two front overlapping pieces together until about half way up the blanket sleeper. Install either a zipper, buttons, snaps, or even velcro. As an optional piece you can choose to sew on a button flap as shown on the sleep sack I made here on this page. I simply cut a small rectangle of fabric, sewed along one edge and turned right side out (to form a skinny tube of fabric. I folded the ends in and ironed in place. I then stitched the fabric flap onto the front of the sleep sack and sewed on a snap to hold it shut.

sleep sack pattern

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