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One Simple Baby Costume Pattern, Unlimited Costume Ideas

This one simple Halloween baby costume pattern is so simple to make. It was created with the idea that, with a little creativity, you can create several baby animal costume ideas from the one pattern. It is designed to make with fleece fabric which is so easy to sew and create with.

The great thing about sewing with fleece, is that you do not necessarily need to sew all edges. You can keep the edges raw and it will still look quite finished and does not fray. Perfect for beginner sewers!

The pattern is basically just a shell. You can leave the sleeves and bottom or top edges unfinished and add your own ears, tails, manes, etc. to create your very own baby animal costume idea.

Stay Tuned and check back often! I will be adding to pattern pieces to create new and different animals whenever the inspiration comes to me! Have a request? Send me a quick message to let me know what baby animal costume pattern you'd like to see.

Simple Baby Costume Pattern

The pattern is a simpe shell with a hood. You can add your own sleeves if you wish. Or dress your baby in a simple long sleeve shirt to wear under the shell. Use the baby pants pattern to make matching bottoms. Or to make things really easy just match it with some coordinating colored sweat pants or pajama pants.

I used fleece for the entire costume. I waited to buy it when it was all on sale for 50% off. All together I probably spent around $5.00 for this costume. The pattern is on the larger side, made for a toddler over a year old. To make smaller costumes just reduce the size while printing, or print it out and reduce it on a copy machine. Remember to always keep it a little big for allowing room for clothes to fit underneath. Especially in the cold weather areas. I live in New England where it will be pretty chilly on Halloween.

Switch up the fabric to different colors or textures to create different animals. Add your own ears, tails, manes, or masks to create your favorite baby animal.

How To Sew The Baby Costume Pattern

baby costume pattern Step One: Start by printing out the pattern pieces. Use some scissors to cut the pattern out from the paper. I have provided more specific instructions for the costume on the pattern.

Step Two: Fold your fabric in half so the right sides face inward (with fleece this doesn't always apply). Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut them all out. YOu can choose to use one of my pattern add-ons below to turn this pattern into the animal of your choice, or you can customize it by creating pattern pieces for ears and tails yourself. It's easy! Just use some newspaper or scrap paper. Draw the shapes of ears or tails or whatever you want to add to the costume. Sketch them until they look like the right size and shape, and then cut them out.

baby costume pattern Step Three: Start sewing! First sew the outer shell at the shoulders. Remember to keep your fabric facing right sides together. After sewing the shoulders move on to sewing the sides. Sew the hood in the same manner with right sides facing together.

The next step is to sew the hood to the body of the costume. Turn both pieces right side out. Locate the exact middle of the back neck on the costume. Pin the back of the hood here with the right sides facing each other. Continue to pin all the way around to the front and sew, removing the pins as you go.

Now you've got the basic parts of the baby Halloween Costume finished! From here you can turn it into whatever you want!

penguin costume pattern

Penguin Baby Costume Pattern

This penguin costume pattern was perfect for my daughter! And it came out so cute! She wore it all the time - not just Halloween!

She was just completely obsessed with the movie Happy Feet. She spent most of her time doing her little happy dance, tap tap dancing and shuffling her feet all over the place. Cutest thing ever! So of course I would make her a penguin costume!

For the penguin costume: I started by cutting the back piece of my baby Halloween costume a little differently. Instead of making it go straight across at the bottom of the shell, I cut down at an angle to create a penguin tail. I also cut a second piece that was shaped exactly the same to reinforce the tail. I wanted it to look kind of plump. I also cut some quilt batting to sew into the tail. Of course, this part is totally optional. You could simply cut the back piece to the correct shape and leave it as is. I have a tendency to go overboard. :)

I created some penguin pattern pieces to pair with the All-in-one shell pattern above. Make sure to download, print, cut, and assemble those pieces to continue the project.

diy penguin costume pattern I made flippers to sew from the sleeves. These I also added some quilt batting to the insides to plump them up a it.

I sewed some ribbon to the insides of the flippers to tie them around baby's arms at the elbow so they would move with her.

Next I added a beak to the hood, and even made some penguin feet. The feet are made to just fit over baby's shoes.

I actually just modified a baby shoe pattern to get the right results. I made a soft soled baby shoe without the sole, and instead of using the regular circular shape for the front of the shoe, I traced it onto newspaper and added little penguin toes. I then used this pattern to cut out the orange felt for the feet and added some quilt batting to the toes.

For the finishing touches I appliqued white felt to the front of the suit (the belly) and made some applique eyes too.

My little girl absolutely loved the finished product!

More To Come...

For a baby lion costume: You can get away with using felt for a baby lion costume. I would simply make the hood on the costume out of some really long shaggy furry fabric. Sew on some little ears and a tail. Add some more shaggy fur to the end of the tail. Make some matching fleece pants and you've got a cute lion costume that is really easy to make! Paint baby's face to match! For a baby lamb costume: For a baby lamb costume you will want to find a fleece with a sheerling type of texture. That's all there is to it! Add some cute fleece ears and a little tail. Maybe tie a cute ribbon bow around baby's neck with a small cow bell. Adorable! For a baby bear costume: This is easy. Just make a couple of cute little rounded ears, and a stubby little tail. Applique a different color for the belly and you're done. Don't forget to add matching pants! This will make a super cute and easy baby bear costume! Not to mention a super simple to create baby costume pattern!

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