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How to applique on baby clothes And Other Baby Stuff

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Applique is one of the easiest ways to make really cool accents on baby clothing. Use fuse-able webbing, found in the sewing notions aisle of most department and sewing stores. This stuff is so super easy to work with. I showed my 10 year old step-daughter how to use it and she made her own baby gift for a relative who just had a baby. They loved it so much they actually framed it!

How To Applique For Unique Baby Clothes:

1. It all starts with an idea! You will need an article of baby clothes like a onesie or sleeper, but this will work on anything.

2. Pick out a fabric to match that has an interesting picture or pattern on it.

3. Buy some fuse-able webbing from the sewing notions aisle of a local sewing or department store. I got mine at Walmart!

Fusable webbing comes in a roll and you can either buy sew-able bond or no-sew bond.

If you use the "no-sewing required" bond then keep in mind that when you wash the clothing the edges may fray. In some circumstances this is actually a good thing. I think fraying the edges could make for some interesting and unique baby clothing.

how to applique baby clothing The sew-able bond is for those that want to give the applique a little extra embellishment while also holding the edges of the applique in place.

You can either hand stitch around the edges of the applique, or you can use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

I like to use a nice bright thread to stand out a little.

4. Find or make a stencil or applique pattern. For mine I just happen to have chipboard shapes laying around with my craft supplies. I used the shape as a stencil. You can go out and buy a stencil, or you can even find a picture on the internet that you like, print it onto some card stock, and then cut it out to trace as an applique pattern. Or simply draw one out by hand!

Another option? Simply print out a free applique pattern from this site. We'll be adding new ones periodically!.

5. Cut out a piece of fabric large enough to trace your stencil shape onto, and a piece of webbing large enough for the stencil to fit, yet smaller than the fabric.

6. Heat up your iron according to the directions on the fuse-able webbing package.

7. Place your fabric face side down and your webbing paper side up onto the fabric.

8. Iron the fuse-able webbing onto the fabric for a few seconds making sure to heat every little inch of it. Now peel back the paper.

9. Trace your stencil, shape, or applique pattern onto the fabric and cut the shape out.

10. Place the fabric applique shape onto the item that you want to baby clothes or item you wish to applique onto. Iron the applique onto the baby clothes according to the directions on the fuse-able webbing packaging.

11. Viola! The applique is now fused to the baby clothing item!

If you decided to use the sew-able bond then you will hand stitch or zig zag stitch around the border of the applique to finish off the design.

You can use just about any type of fabric to make this kind of applique. Try using different shapes and patterns to piece together a whole scene or picture.

Did you make unique baby clothing and you'd like to share?

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